🥈 Birch Bark Issue 49

Hey everyone, and happy Friday! I wanted to thank everyone for reading, as well as wishing a particularly warm welcome to everyone new here!

On to the fun stuff.


This is a really cool look at the technical reason that the Clock app on iOS (and likely other apps) use a “fake time.” I absolutely love things like this where something needs to lie to us to tell us the truth.

There are a million books you can read about financial health, and some of them are very good, but Josh Gitner has a lot of wisdom, plainly told in this post about his financial plan in 2021.

This extensive article from Timothy Snyder is essential reading for understanding the events and context in Washington D.C. last week. I don’t know about you, but 9/11 was the last time I can remember feeling so horrified as I watched what was happening live on TV last Wednesday.

Similarly, but much less serious, this article based on an interview with numerous Microsoft executives and employees about the dawn of the Xbox 20 years ago, is a fascinating look back at the company’s uncertain, but ultimately successful entry into the home gaming market. The story about Nintendo laughing at them over a proposed acquisition is worth the cost of admission alone.

Parler was effectively booted off the internet by a few companies who decided they no longer wanted to do business with the company. One the founders of The Pirate Bay is not impressed that this took them down.

Apple’s new M1 chips are damn impressive, aren’t they?

Mike Crittenden makes the important argument that “if it will matter after today, stop talking about it in a chat room.” “It’s documented, I wrote it in Slack!” will rightly fill many with rage.


This may be a little niche, but this video showing how Adobe Audition can take any song and adjust it intelligently to whatever length you need.

I never got into Shadow the Colossus, but this video about a dedicated community devoted to finding all of the secrets in this legendary game, will draw you in even if you’ve never played this PS2 classic.

And finally, this Legal Eagle video about the legal arguments for and against Trump’s incitement of a riot is worth watching. He has opinions, of course, but this video is a very level-headed look at the legal cases for and against guilt.


Nap, by Monokubo

Reach out, by Valentin Pavageau

Musician, by polikokosh


Holy Ghost by Modern Baseball (2016, indie rock)