🗓 Birch Bark Issue 52 (finishing year one!)

We made it a full year, folks!

Whoa! I didn’t know where this newsletter was going when I started, but I’m super happy to be writing it one year later, and to have no end in sight. Thank you, everyone who has read all 52 issues, or is just getting here today, I really appreciate all of you.

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Now onto the goodies!


Steven Sinofsky has written a book about his time at Microsoft, it’s called Hardcore Software, and he’s publishing it over time on Substack.

File this one under “check back in on this in a few years,” but there is some early research on whether COVID-19 hurts male reproductivity. The jury is still out, but based on this, the answer is not a definitive “no” just yet.

This is an interesting study looking at why people who are very much from well-to-do backgrounds always consider themselves as having working class backgrounds.

Apple’s privacy labels are a good thing overall, but as this reporter discovers, they’re not always giving users an accurate view of what their apps are doing with their data.

This is a wonderful bit of satire about conservatives taking to the airwaves, cable news, newspapers, and social media to complain about how they are being censored.

Jason Snell’s annual Apple Report Card is always a good read.

The iconic watch faces that inspired Apple Watch faces.

And finally, NES.css gives you an easy way to make your website look like an NES game.



neither here nor there, by mishko

Hollow Trinity, by Somnifervm


Collapsed In Sunbeams, by Arlo Parks (2021, R&B/Soul)