⚡️ Birch Bark Issue #53

Let's just have some fun, huh?

No intro on this one, let’s just get into it!


I love it when the coolest link of the week is also the freakiest. Unreal Engine’s upcoming “MetaHuman Creator” aims to give developers the ability to create incredibly lifelike, rigged models that can be used in games, film, or other media.

“The Comedy Industry Has a Big Alt-Right Problem”

Font Awesome has started a series on how to design effective icons, and as someone who is terrible at icon design, I’m very much looking forward to the rest of this series.

How Figma and Canva are taking on Adobe at their own game, and winning.

Two data journalists did an AMA on Reddit where they discuss all things COVID-19. They touch on things like the vaccine rollout, the epic failure of Sweden, the efficiency of mask wearing, and much more.

Intel did some benchmarks showing why they are still superior to Apple’s new M1 chips. While these are cute, Intel is comparing themselves to Apple’s lowest end chip in their cheapest computers. Let’s see where things stand by the end of 2021 when more of Apple’s higher end machines make the switch to Apple Silicon.

The Democratic SAFE TECH Act earns a significant eyebrow raise from me. Color me far from convinced this will help make the web a better place.

Count me in on those skeptical about Clubhouse. I was fortunate enough to get an invite, have sat in on a few conversations, and have largely found it to be boring. I assume some will figure out how to do it better, but for now I’m not convinced this is something that will live much longer once we start going out in the world again.


I’ve absolutely adored The Watchowski’s Speed Racer since I first saw it over a decade ago, and this Movies with Mikey video captures that love perfectly.

I was never really into the Chronicles of Narnia books or movies, but this video was a really fascinating look at what happened with Disney’s attempt to bring these films to life in the wake of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.

Mark Rober videos are always a good time, and this one is no different, as he builds a machine to kick insanely long field goals.

And what would a week of videos be without a little self-promotion? Here’s my 3 month review of the HomePod Mini!


Hades, by Chase Fox

Writer, by @willowandroxas

Musician, by polikokosh


Elephant Shell, by Tokyo Police Club (2008, indie rock)