🌞 Birch Bark Issue #57

Goodbye, winter!

I don’t know where you are (literally, I don’t have those metrics, this isn’t a creepy newsletter), but it’s been warm here in the Midwest and damn it all if I’m not happier when I’m warm. On to the update!


This has been going up and down due to load, but this site has a cool way to generate 3D elevation maps from anywhere in the world.

An awesome collection of custom 3D faces.

Everest Pipkin tries to make the ultimate case that crypto (both for currencies and art) truly is comically bad for the environment and it’s not going to get better “soon”.

On the other end of the spectrum, SuperRare makes the case that NFTs don’t hurt the environment, they’re just using a payment method that hurts the environment. They also say that it is going to get better “soon”, so I guess one of these articles will hold up better over time.

Why not one more on NFTs? Seth Godin suggests NFTs are in a massive bubble and it’s fun and exciting now, but is going to come crashing down.

This is not news to a lot of people, but it’s always a good reminder that TurboTax’s stronghold over the tax system is insane and is one of the most user-hostile companies down to its very core.

Eric Seufert on how companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook talk about privacy (and get their fans to parrot their opinions) conveniently all make arguments that align perfectly with their monetization strengths. Privacy is a good thing, but my worry is that these pushes are consolidating advertising power even more into the major players and is making it basically impossible for their positions to be challenged. Yet fans of these companies cheer them on.

And maybe saving the best for last, Everyone is Beautiful and No One is Horny is a great read on the change in cinema from the 80s through today.


These first two videos are from a collaboration Christopher Lawley and I did this week. I am really proud of the video I made for him, and he brought the heat as always for my channel. Check them both out below!

I know some people don’t like his style, but I love Snazzy Labs, and this latest video is another gem. If you only watch some of this, watch the last third where he breaks down how an Ethernet cable works and how you can make your own connector with general ease.

You probably saw this one already, but I’m sharing it just in case you missed it. This is some next-level drone flying.