🚢 Birch Bark Issue #60

The boat is free, the vaccines are getting into more arms than ever, and yeah, it’s all good vibes over here at Birch Bark headquarters. On to the update!


Presenting your ideas is hugely important, and this article walks through 9 tips that will help anyone get their message across.

I’m not personally a huge fan of these “vaccine passports,” but as ever, I’m always here for the US federal government saying, “there is no federal program, it’s up to the states and private companies” and then people who may as well have that tattooed on their arms go “whoa, whoa, whoa, this is fascism!”

This is a fascinating read about climate anxiety being an overwhelmingly white phenomenon.

A compelling argument that Bitcoin is not a battery, it’s a sink.

Rent across the 50 biggest cities in the US has increased 175% faster than overall income since 2000.

We can all dream of AMP pages going away.


Nathan Zed makes some of my favorite videos about music right now, and his latest on the lost art of the album rollout is another gem.

Have you ever seen a YouTuber with all the video gear you could possibly imagine talk about how gear doesn’t actually matter? This vid’s for you.

Chris Wilmshurst hits on some nice tricks you can pull off in Adobe’s flagship apps. I really need to try out the song remix feature for my videos.



The Weekend (Abel Tesfaye) has had a pretty stellar career since hitting the mainstream, but I always think back to House of Balloons, his 2011 debut record that was shrouded in mystery and was just different from what you’d expect at the time. It was re-released a few weeks ago and is definitely worth a listen.