🏝 Birch Bark Issue #62

Hello! This week’s issue has a few more opinionated links, so do with that what you will. This isn’t turning into a politics newsletter or anything, it just so happens this is the stuff that hit me hardest this week.

If you want pure joy in a link though, my best website of the week (year?) will make anyone smile.


The best quote of the week comes from this 2015 article about trust in the media (via Nick Heer):

Americans say they want accuracy and impartiality, but the polls suggest that, actually, most of us are seeking affirmation.

And the best website of the week goes to this stunner.

“You truly will not ever convince these people that this is Still About A Virus, because they never once believed that anything is ever about more than their own sour selves, and a jealous world’s conspiracy against their comfort.” - Private Choices Have Public Consequences

The reviews are in for OnePlus’s long-awaited smart watch and I would categorize the response as “shocking”. OnePlus has a really good reputation when it comes to hardware, but this thing looks to be way behind the curve in basically every regard. Frankly, it doesn’t sound that much better than the $20 smart watch I just reviewed myself!

Whether you agree with them or not, companies are speaking out against voting rights restrictions by the hundreds. This is a good place to remind people that companies are not bleeding heart individuals, but cold money making machines optimized for, well, making as much money as they can. If they thought these new bills were the will of the majority then they would not be coming out so aggressively against them.

Some interesting results from a focus group of people from swing states about money in politics and cancel culture.


This rewind of Kobe Bryant’s final shot in the NBA is great. I love this series, and this moment is one I’ll remember forever.

Credit to YouTube’s recommendation engine, because it suggested this video to me this week and oh my goodness is it exactly that I wanted to see. I’d never heard of most things in the video and I’ve already tried a few of them and they’re great.

Depending on how deep into photography you are, you may or may not know Lok Cheung, but he’s a great photography YouTuber and his video about why he’s moving from Hong Kong to the U.K. is fantastic and emotional.



The Decemberists were on an insane roll throughout the 2000’s, and in my opinion, 2007’s The Crane Wife was the height of their output and is a masterful record from start tot finish.