🤗 Birch Bark Issue #63

Happy Friday! Almost all good vibes in this issue! A trailer for season 2 of Ted Lasso…great! A music pick that includes my favorite song of all time that I’ve somehow never listed here…amazing! Hope you enjoy 😁



I thought this conversation had some interesting takeaways. Basically, everyone thinks cancel culture is out to get them and they think the other side is out to “cancel” the other side.

Similarly, Ezra Klein offers a predictably intelligent alternative way to look at “cancel culture.”

There are definitely reasons to be concerned with tradition media, but stories like this really show why I’m likely to roll my eyes when I hear people say, “I get all my news from citizen journalists on YouTube because they tell the truth.”

No one except for Google seems into their new FLoC standard, and why should they? FLoC only enables advertising, and since none of the other major browsers have a massive web ad business to support, so they get a basically free PR win by not implementing this new system.

If you’ve ever thought that web development has gotten too complicated over time, then this article is for you.

This is a great blog post about blogging that quickly goes off the rails wonderfully.

And finally, a lot of insight into how Twitter’s algorithmic timeline works in here.


If you haven’t seen the first season of Ted Lasso, take the day off and watch it now. If you have, enjoy the trailer for season 2!

I really enjoyed this conversation around the retail landscape on social media.

And finally, this essay on the exceptionally up-and-down career of M. Night Shamalan is



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How have I never linked to one of my favorite records of all time, LCD Soundsystem’s 2007 masterpiece, Sound of Silver. Not only is this a killer record from start to finish, but it includes what I think is my favorite song of all time, All My Friends. I just love this thing.