🕹 Birch Bark Issue #64

There is no Nintendo 64 emoji to mark this milestone…

Hello, friends! I wasn’t sure this issue was going to happen as I’ve been exceptionally busy at work, but then I would have had to break my streak of posting every week since I started. It’s a streak no one cares about but me, but that was enough motivation on its own.



Microsoft is lowering their Windows Store cut on games down to 12% to compete with Steam more effectively. Wait, you’re telling me that competition on platforms can lower prices for consumers and improve margins for content creators?

Tom Anderson, you know, the guy who started MySpace, was successful, got out, and avoided all of the current social media mess.

As someone who almost exclusively reads audiobooks, and has done so for basically a decade at this point, I like the idea of writers and publishers considering the format more aggressively. I don’t want full on plays with a dozen performers, but leaning a little bit more into the format could be a lot of fun.

I totally agree with James Rogers here, Apple should keep iPadOS and macOS separate. They both can learn from each other, and the iPad especially needs to become more capable, but I think their separation is a strength. Also, I believe macOS can gain touch and iPadOS can gain more pro apps without them turning into each other.

I’ve said all I can on this topic by now, but as a fellow blogger, I can say with absolute confidence that if you write a blog post and then need to write 3+ more to clarify your stance, that’s not a good sign.

This is a cool look at the stats around the top 1,000 websites’ font usage.

“There is nothing like real people, in a real situation that brightens things up. Makes humanity seem great again and improve the despair felt when staying at home. I’ve got through the latest lockdowns with a few scrapes and metal bruises but being able to get out and about again is brilliant. These Smokey lens I have looking at the world through have been lifted, and I am forever grateful.“ - Greg Morris


This was a great video and a good reminder that fashion is constantly reacting to the current norms. “Fashion is cyclical” is kind of true, but this video does a good job showing how it’s more than just the same things going in and out of the zeitgeist.

A well-made argument that Titanic is melodrama done right.

And finally, after decades of play, there is a new strategy for playing Tetris and it’s turning the Tetris scene upside down.


Some real life art this week, here’s a 140MP image of the Sun. It’s stunning!


Maybe I’m showing my age here, but hey, I’m allowed to post “music for old people” here too! Dinosaur Jr. consistently puts out music that I just fall in love with. Their latest, Sweep It Into Space, came out last week and is full of gems.

And if you enjoyed that, you’ll like their 2007 comeback album, Beyond, even more!