🎶 Birch Bark Issue #68

Hello and happy Friday! I’ve taken a few weeks off from sharing music, so let’s kick off today’s issue with a couple of my favorite new releases from the past month or so.

First up is SOUR by Olivia Rodrigo, which is so good, and you should listen to right now. I found this on Apple Music last week and thought it was great, only to go on Twitter that night and find out that everyone was losing their mind over this. I get Taylor Swift, Courtney Barnett, and Billie Eilish vibes from this, and it all adds up to something pretty great. Yes, a millennial liking this is a meme, but I still do 🤷🏻‍♂️

Then we’ve got Polydans by Roosevelt, a super fun electric-pop record with some killer “nighttime driving” tracks like “Strangers”.

Shout out to Myke Hurley for this recommendation, but Welcome - EP by Daði Freyr is just 6 songs over 18 minutes, but it’s pure joy the whole way through.

And bringing up the rear is Typhoons by Royal Blood, the only non-pop record this time, but it’s still got some pretty serious pop sensibilities.


If you were curious why people like me roll my eyes when we hear “natural immunity is even better than a vaccine!”

Natural immunity requires enough antigen, viral or bacterial, to be identified and cause the immune system to respond. More antigen gives a more robust response. But that response varies several-fold – a mild case involving minimal symptoms may result in more of a half-hearted natural immunization than you would hope for.

I’m not a founder, but I still enjoyed these 9 confessions from a CEO of a failed startup.

There’s nothing wrong with paying talented experts for tasks that aren’t your strong suit — so long as you understand what you’re outsourcing enough to assess and determine whether they’ve done a good job.

Like it or not, Notion is forcing big changes in the workspace market, and Google is adapting to keep up.

So we know Notion is speeding ahead in the wiki market game, but how is Google responding to this pressure with their existing tool Google Drive. […] Google aim to solve this with what they call “smart canvas” a new way to build documents that interconnect and save time and effort.

Not only is the new proposed Florida law on forcing media companies (companies that don’t also run theme parks, coincidentally 👀) insane, it’s also not remotely legal.

“This is so obviously unconstitutional, you wouldn’t even put it on an exam,” said A. Michael Froomkin, a law professor at the University of Miami. Under well established Supreme Court precedent, the First Amendment prohibits private entities from being forced to publish or broadcast someone else’s speech. Prohibiting “deplatforming” of political candidates would likely be construed as an unconstitutional must-carry provision. “This law looks like a political freebie,” Froomkin said. “You get to pander, and nothing bad happens, because there’s no chance this will survive in court.”

I wonder how many men feel the need to hide their gender online to avoid harassment.

59% of women mask their gender when playing games online to avoid conflict

And finally, you should check out Austin Mann’s iPad Pro review even if you don’t care about the iPad…the photography is worth the read on their own.


Just a couple videos this week (listen to the music first!) but here’s the teaser trailer for Edgar Wright’s next film, Last Night in Soho. If I had to name my favorite working director today, it would be Wright, so anything he’s working on becomes an instant-watch for me. This will probably be the first movie I see in theaters since January 2020 🤩

And finally, I love seeing Sara Dietschy talk about the M1 Macs because her experience has been less smooth than most people people (including me) that I see online. She does pro work on these devices, and it’s interesting to see how things have changed (or not) in the 6 months since these machines came out.