👌 Birch Bark Issue #69




I’m a big proponent of only changing the tools in your toolbox (even your digital one) when you really need to, but my buddy, Greg Morris explains why he likes to switch things up often.

I guess it’s a bit of a waste of time but it give me quite a bit of enjoyment so what’s it matter. I enjoy the journey of transferring my information, setting things up to work for me. Those little “a ha” moments when you find a little feature that works are as enjoyable as finding a robust system and sticking with it.

Matt Yglesias on whether Amazon is really a monopoly:

I think this monopolization question is genuinely important because one thing that nobody can deny is that Jeff Bezos is a ruthless motherfucker, and Amazon has some sharp business practices.

But people often discuss these practices in naive (or perhaps faux naive?) terms that suggest little knowledge of the general retail marketplace.

I’ve only been sorta following the Naomi Osaka story, but this article stood out to me:

In case you hadn’t noticed, this hasn’t really been true for a while. Athletes now have their own direct line to the public, and spoiler: it’s not us. Hard as it is to believe, Osaka’s function as an entertainer and corporate billboard is contingent on her playing tennis at an appointed hour, rather than being forced to sit in a windowless room explaining herself to a roomful of middle-aged men.

Global smart watch shipments were up 35% in Q1 2021, and Apple is the only company in the top 5 to have their slice of the pie increase (they’re now 33% of all smart watch sales).

This…100% this! I’m so ready to have meetings in person again.

Suppose someone is speaking and another person, eager to express agreement, chimes in at the end of their sentence. Over Zoom, this tends to derail the discussion or narrative: Rather than a relatively smooth interruption, as might happen face-to-face, the attempt to talk creates moments of “Oh, no, you go ahead.” Awkward lengthy pauses are common. Then there’s the turn-waiting, known from everyone’s school days as raising your hand.

The high power cores in M1 Macs get a lot of attention, but this article lays out how the efficiency cores are the secret sauce that makes the new Macs feel so fast.


I like Bleachers more the more albums they release, and Jack Antonoff & crew escalate things even more with this new song from their upcoming record. P.S. If you wanted to know what someone slowly evolving into Bruce Springsteen looks like, this is it 😛

A bit o’ self-promotion here, but Tim, if you’re reading this, there are still 3 days until WWDC kicks off, so maybe time to squeeze this into the keynote?

I loved Resident Evil Village, and I of course also loved this “demake” of the game to make it look like a PS1 game.

Video game speed running always fascinates me, and I loved this deep dive into runners of Super Mario Bros constantly thinking they’d reached the human limits of what could be done in that game, only to find that they could push just a little more.

I don’t even know where to start with this one, but apparently there is a game comic artists are playing that’s unlike anything I’ve seen before, and is just wild.