🦃 Gobble, Gobble! (Birch Bark #91)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends, and happy “it’s a quiet day in the office because all the Americans are off” day to everyone else. With that in mind, I had to write this issue early due to the holidays, so I figured why hold it for Friday, enjoy it now and maybe it’ll give you some conversation starters for the dinner table. Enjoy!

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✨ Hello! I forgot I made all these Star Wars wallpapers:
virginiapoltrack.com/Wallpapers/ for your devices ✨ (This was awhile ago but I've been cleaning up folders + organizing and I keep finding all this stuff!) 💖 Anyway there's a bunch of 'em 🤖

The Videos

I took a break from tech videos to talk about the games I enjoyed the most this year.

I’ll admit, I’ve been a proponent of gas stoves for years, but over time it’s become increasingly clear I’ve been taken for a ride.

President Nixon: design icon, apparently.