🎨 The best art of 2020

At least of what I shared in Birch Bark

I’m no art aficionado, but I enjoy finding things I enjoy, so below are a bunch of pieces of art people are creating (mostly in 2020, but some from earlier) and got into the Birch Bark newsletter this year.


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News Flash, Badlavender

Untitled, Karman Verdi

As I Fall, James Bullough

Photo by Bubba Wallace

Harriet Tubman projection

Untitled, by Doctaword

Breakfast, by p0stmahone

Childish Gambino, by Funnypaintbrush

Overthinker, by nephrothegod

Hot off the press, by lilshmeater

Untitled, by Breezeh

In honor of George Floyd, by Socialist-Butterfly

Untitled, by Oliver Vegas

Quarentena, by vitorvinagre

And finally…

Meet me halfway, by Cyril Rolando