Birch Bark Feb 17, 2020

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Birch Bark is run by me, Matt Birchler, and it’s just a way for you to get some interesting links delivered to your inbox on a regiular basis. I subscribe to way too many websites and I go thtough hundreds of links everyday. This newsletter aims to give you the best of that all in one place.

I hope you enjoy!

Universe Sanbox

Universe Sandbox is a “game” you can buy for your PC that lets you build your own mini-universe with physics systems and a whole bunch of other simulation elements that look to be really, really cool.

What would happen if we didn’t have leap days?

How interesting you find leap years varies quite a bit from person to person, so this article is going to scratch a very specific itch for one of those groups.

Starcraft Ghost is finally, technically playable

You may be too young to remember this announcement from 2006, but I was super excited about this game back then and it’s subsequent cancellation was extremely sad at the time.

What happens when you mute all the Twitter adverts?

Greg Morris tried muting every ad he sees on Twitter to see if it will eventually just give up. The results are fun to uncover with him.