Birch Bark Mar 6, 2020

Welcome to week 3 of Birch Bark! I think we've got a good thing going here, so please enjoy these fresh links for the weekend! Oh, and this week's music pick is a great companion to reading pretty much anything on this list. Enjoy!

I’m The Good Guy

If you click nothing else in this email, at least watch this one.

Millenium Falcon Guitars

I don't play guitar, but these make we want to.

Being Able to Move Your Blog

My advice to anyone who wants to make moving easy: don't move. And if you have to move, make sure you go somewhere that supports a clean import or export from WordPress.

Hideo Konica’s Strange, Unforgettable Video Game Worlds

Hideo Kohima is my favorite video game creator of all time and this is a great profile of this weird genius.

Noclip: Behind the Scenes of Hades Launching on Steam

Noclip makes the best video game docs in the game, and this one was particularly delightful.

The Mario and Levi’s Collaboration You Didn’t Know You Wanted

But do you really want it? I honestly don’t know.

Rapscallion Soda

Good brand name, better can design.

The Siege of Gondor, Part I: Professionals Talk Logistics

This 6-part series is made for a very specific audience, and I know that audience is definitely me.

Legend of Zelda Mechanical Keyboard Caps

YouTube’s Plan to Stop Recommending Conspiracy Theory Videos is Actually Working

Nice to see one of these platform owners actually do something to prevent false information from spreading and have it work.

Reggie Fils-Aime on the Present Value Podcast

This podcast episode is a great listen for anyone interested in business, even if you don’t care at all about video games.

Classic iPod Hackers Say There’s No Better Way to Listen to Music

Some audio gear just hits perfectly and sticks around forever, even as newer, better things come along. The iPod is just iconic.

The Verge Tech Survey 2020

The most fascinating thing is how much people in the Apple distrust Amazon and Google, but the general public trusts those two way more than anyone else, including Apple.

Apple reveals the best Night mode photos shot on iPhone

These photos look great, and of note, every single one of these had a lot of editing done to them to make them look so good. I look forward to the day phones can get photos that look this good right out of the camera.

The Perfect 18

This is the dream.

Destroyer - Have We Met

I've been a huge fan of Destroyer since his classic, Rubies, and this new record continues his amazing legacy. If you're not totally sold, just put it on in the background and I promise you there will be more than a few tracks that make your ears perk up.

Listen now