Birch Bark Apr 3, 2020

No real news this week, so let's just jump right into the good stuff!



Parasite - The Power of Symbols

Help Grocery Stores Flatten the Curve

Why You'll Never Understand Sigur Ros

Dua Lipa Performs Don't Start Now Remote

Christopher Lawley's iPad Pro 2020 Review

Earth in Minecraft at 1:1 Scale

Pimp My Mac Pro

Why Dark Video Is A Terrible Blocky Mess

How we filmed a Bugatti Chiron at 250mph


Future Nostalgia - Dua Lipa

This album is pop excellence! Don't Start Now, Cool, and Levitating are on a hard repeat for me right now.

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Waxahatchee - Saint Cloud

I'd never heard of Saint Cloud before, but after this record she is permanently on my radar. I get sort of Kacey Musgraves vibes from this, if that helps you get an idea of if you want to listen to this or not.

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The 50 most important American independent movies

I've only seen 18 of these, and most of them are the newer ones, but this list was a nice reminder than indies can be so successful that we forget they were indies in the first place.

Damn Your Eyes: The Ugliest Cars Ever Made

Almost all of these cars find a new and interesting way to be ugly.

How to read RSS in 2020

I never left RSS, even when all the cool kids were getting their news from Twitter (I think I won the long game on that one), and this article is a good primer on getting back into it in 2020. Only omission is that they didn't mention Inoreader, my favorite web reader and sync service.

Bill Gates: Here’s how to make up for lost time on covid-19

I love hearing (reading) everything Bill Gates has to say these days. He's incredibly sharp, and communicates extremely well. Oh, and the advice in here is good too!

I can't stop watching this video

This dad is a good sport.

The worst episodes of every TV show

This graph of IMDB ratings for tons of TV shows is fascinating. The Game of Thrones one is particularly distinctive.