Birch Bark Apr 24, 2020

Nothing special to say this week, just hoping that you're all having as good a time as you can during these continued unprecedented times. Enjoy the links, the videos, the art, and especially the music this week. I'm hitting you with 3 amazing records and I hope you give at least one of them a shot.




FINNEAS Explains How He Builds Songs For Billie Eilish

iPad Pro — Float

Magic Keyboard Review

Trailer: “The Last Dance” 10-part documentary on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls

Apple iPhone SE review: $400 phone, $1,000 performance

Should Your Girlfriend Play Animal Crossing: New Horizons?


The Sunset Tree - The Mountain Goats

One of my all-time favorite albums, The Sunset Tree explores singer John Darnielle's tumultuous childhood and young adult life in ways that are too beautiful to easily put into words. Songs hit with a remarkable clarity in what stories John wants to tell, what feelings he wants you to feel, and what songs you'll never forget for the rest of your life.

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Assume Form - James Blake

James Blake's evolution over the last decade has been fascinating to watch, and his latest record from early 2019 is my favorite to date. He retains his electronic ambient tones of past records, but infuses them with more pop and hip-hop influences than ever before.

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E•MO•TION - Carly Rae Jepsen

Carley Rae Jepsen went from "that pop singer who made that dumb song" to "pop icon" in no time, huh? This record is one of my favorite pure pop records ever and it continues to impress me 5 years after its release. This album is joy on a disc.

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I’m Working Remotely. Can I Keep Hiding My Secret Baby?

After mulling (I believe) every possible scenario for how you might proceed, I’m afraid the course with the likeliest odds of success is also the most preposterous: You’re going to have to gaslight this man.

What Will Our New Normal Feel Like? Hints Are Beginning to Emerge

Fear of others may linger long after the pandemic is over. But so may a new sense of community.

Fake it till you make it: meet the wolves of Instagram

Their hero is Jordan Belfort, their social media feeds display super-rich lifestyles. But what are these self-styled traders really selling?

The Bullshit Web’s Ubiquity

The thing we know for certain about bullshit is that, no matter how hard we try, it is virtually impossible to be countered, eradicated, minimized, or undone.

Who Was Jerry Krause?

The villain of “The Last Dance” was a shrewd judge of talent who managed to antagonize many around him.

It's Time to Build

Our nation and our civilization were built on production, on building. Our forefathers and foremothers built roads and trains, farms and factories, then the computer, the microchip, the smartphone, and uncounted thousands of other things that we now take for granted, that are all around us, that define our lives and provide for our well-being. There is only one way to honor their legacy and to create the future we want for our own children and grandchildren, and that’s to build.

Creating Playful Effects With CSS Text Shadows

You might think of text-shadow as being able to apply blurred, gradient-looking color behind text, and you would be right! But just like box-shadow, you can control how blurred the shadow is, including taking it all the way down to no blur at all. That, combined with comma-separating shadows and stacking them, is the CSS trickery we’ll be doing here.

Faux Code Generator

Generate fake code SVGs based on GitHub projects.

Interface in Game

Explore a collection of video games interfaces, screenshots, and clips. Take a look at all the fragments that make up a video game, and find inspiration for your designs.