Birch Bark Issue 28



Why I Don't Sound Deaf

Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Sword Fights

Microsoft Flight Simulator: A History

Junk Mail Explained

what's wrong with taking the back streets?

How One Gameplay Decision Changed Diablo Forever


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Purple Noon by Washed Out

This week's musical theme is chilling out, and Washed Out's brand new record is sure to let you do that. Washed Out has been quietly making great tunes since their 2011 full length debut, and this is the one that's clicked with me the most. Loving this right now, especially for night driving.

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Awake by Tycho

I can't get enough of this album, and you should really drop everything and listen to it now. Tycho is a visual artist who wanted to create music that went along with his art, and he's proven to be exceptionally talented at both, which just seems unfair.

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Street View for 1940s New York City

Less an article and more of an interactive tour of New York City almost a century ago. This is uniquely cool, so please check it out!

Humans of New York

The New York theme continues with a look at the stories of random people in NYC.

Dear Google Cloud: Your Deprecation Policy is Killing You

God dammit, I didn’t want to blog again. I have so much stuff to do. Blogging takes time and energy and creativity that I could be putting to good use: my novels, my music, my game, and so on. But you get me riled enough, and I have to blog.

The ecommerce surge

Both the UK and (today) the USA have given official statistics on how ecommerce and retail have changed during lockdown. The headline numbers are pretty dramatic. The UK went from 20% ecommerce penetration to over 30% in two months, and the USA from 17% to 22%.

Using Roam Research as a Customer Relationship Manager

As it turns out, Roam Research works for many different purposes. I’ve been using Roam Research for Bible study and professionally as a client relationship manager.

I had COVID-19, and these are the things nobody tells you

The novel coronavirus is not a statistic. It’s not an agenda. It’s not a debate. COVID-19 is real enough to rise up and beat me senseless. We need to stop giving it license to do the same to others.