Birch Bark Issue 30



Doctor Challenges Media and President Trump On COVID-19

TWELVE MINUTES - Official Cinematic Reveal Trailer

the rise of a24

My Daily iPad Workflow Part 1: My Morning Routine

how to create the weeknd's blinding lights

The Modern Class of Gonzo Blockbusters


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Chewing Cotton Wool by The Japanese House

This is a solid EP from an artist new to me, but I went back and listened to her last record and I really like it! Chill and personal, and a Juston Vernon collaboration, so you know I'm into it.

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ENERGY by Disclosure

I'm very hot and cold on Disclosure, and this new double album from them is a little more on the hot side for me. I don't love every song here, but there are enough here that I'm really enjoying that I can recommend this one.

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Inner Song by Kelly Lee Owens

I feel like I recommend a "work music" album basically every week, so this is another great electronic album that can fade into the background if you need it to.

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Is Population Density the Key to Understanding Voting Behavior? | by Dave Troy

At about 800 people per square mile, people switch from voting primarily Republican to voting primarily Democratic. Put another way, below 800 people per square mile, there is a 66% chance that you voted Republican. Above 800 people per square mile, there is a 66% chance that you voted Democrat. A 66% preference is a clear, dominant majority.

When Complexity Breeds Community - Making Connections by Jax

These communities provide the perfect entry point for new sign-ups, bridging the complexity gap by providing hints and tips on how to get to your aha moment quickly. In fact, if these teams had onboarding templates and tool-tips at the start, they wouldn’t have achieved the viral growth and depth of UGC because, for the early users, that complexity turns the onboarding into a game. You need to invest time and effort to understand how the game works and unlock new levels.

Web Brutalism, Seamfulness, and Notion

This is the essence and opportunity of Web Brutalism: more than a utilitarian aesthetic, it’s a way of creating spaces for thought and expression on the web that reflect the nature of thought and the web. The best tools — digital or otherwise — give enough structure and flexibility for the task at hand. When that task is thinking, the best tools reflect the way that thinking happens, a meandering, back-and-forth process of exploring and refining our hunches and questions and notions.

Flying Around the World, Recreating macOS Wallpapers

Flight Simulator is a pretty serious "make your own fun" game, and this was a lot of fun. Mojave and High Sierra are going to be a bit harder but I may give them a shot if I feel inspired again.