🎉 Birch Bark Issue 35


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Welcome to InCamera, home of DIY practical effects tutorials for filmmakers


Gaming at Ultra Low Resolutions with DLSS - 240p and beyond

The Pythagorean Siphon Inside Your Washing Machine

How Much Does Multiplayer Population Matter?

Flappy Bird but RTX is ON


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This is a great collection of songs inspired by the excellent, Death Stranding video game from 2019.

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They Want My Soul by Spoon

This is my favorite Spoon album, and if you know how much I love Spoon, that's saying something. Go listen to this one now.

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Freetown Sound by Blood Orange

Blood Orange has a distinct sound that I adore. Check this one out and be prepared to chill right out.

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This Overlooked Variable Is the Key to the Pandemic

This is essential reading, and is a really good look at how we should probably be shifting how we try and track this virus to be more effective in pinning it down and getting back to business as more-or-less "normal".

Enthusiast Podcast

A new podcast from Mark Bramhill, the creator of Welcome to Macintosh.

Sources for free and paid quality fonts for web and app design

A designer can't have enough good fonts, right? This is my growing list of quality sources for finding new fonts, free quality fonts and quality foundries. It focuses on the application in digital products, apps and websites. Bookmark and enjoy.

On the Web Share API

I recently used this to add a privacy-friendly way to share my blog posts, and it works quite well.

Trump and his staff's refusal to wear a face mask is a catastrophe

McEnany joins a list of at least 20 people in the White House cluster — including two of McEnany's aides, White House staff, journalists, Congress members, and others — who've tested positive after Trump and first lady Melania Trump announced they tested positive on Friday.

Coronavirus misinformation: quantifying sources and themes in COVID-19 (PDF)

This is a deep look at misinformation spread over the course of 2020 and who the primary driver of false information is. The answer will not shock you.

Sandwiches in Subway 'too sugary to meet legal definition of being bread'

The Supreme Court has found that the bread in Subway's heated sandwiches has too much sugar in it to meet the legal definition of being bread.