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Shoot Your Own Planets! Practical Effects Tutorial - NO CGI

Spinning an Apple until it Explodes at 28,500fps

The Power of Album Covers

Times New Roman— Graphic Design History 101


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Coloring Book (2016)

Chance the Rapper

Hip Hop

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Sleepwalkers (2018)

Brian Fallon


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TPC (2018)

Tokyo Police Club

Indie Rock

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The Pandemic Work Diary of a Podcasting Tech Editor

"To me, it’s beyond gadgets," he said of tech’s impact on culture and politics, as part of our mid-November interviews. "The ability for technology to democratize the creation of culture and then to democratize culture itself is extraordinarily powerful, and we can see it all around us."

Why it's good for users that HTML, CSS and JS are separate languages

This week, somebody proposed to replace HTML, CSS and JavaScript with just one language, arguing "they heavily overlap each other". They wrote the separation between structure, styles and interactivity is based on a "false premise". I don’t think it is. In this post, we’ll look at why it is good for people that HTML, CSS and JS are separate languages.

Dominion Online

A pretty decent web version of the excellent tabletop game!

Apple Silicon M1: A Developer’s Perspective

The excitement around Apple’s new M1 chip is everywhere. I bought a MacBook Air 16GB M1 to see how viable it is as main development machine - here’s an early report after a week of testing.

Chess Tactics Explained in English: Ward Farnsworth's Predator at the Chessboard

I know how to play chess, but I’m terrible at it. This site is slowly helping me get a little less embarrassingly bad at it.

The Direct-to-Consumer aesthetic: how minimalism obscures our identities

I’m in a candy store filled with digital brands like Warby Parker, AllBirds, Outdoor Voices, Everlane, Casper, Wild One, Glossier, By Humankind, and BarkBox products, to name a few. Or am I? I’m beginning to lose my taste. Is the flavor losing its punch or is it me?