The T-Rex was a picky eater??? (Birch Bark #81)

It’s the music issue, everyone! I had some good links and videos this week as well, so I’m just making this a normal issue with 2 retro albums that get my highest endorsements!

Hi, Everything’s Great, by Limbeck

The only thing I really want now,

If I see you, Suze,

Is if we drove side by side,

On a highway in the in the beehive state,

That we could honk and wave.

There’s something really special about this album, and there’s something that really hit me about the above lyrics in the first song, Honk + Wave. I love the idea of not wanting anything more or less from an ex than to be in a place where if you saw each other driving down the highway you would honk and wave at each other. “What’s the big deal?” may be going through your head now, but I can’t really explain it any more, this is one of the most beautiful song lyrics I’ve ever heard.

Oh, and the album is catchy as hell.

Sam’s Town, by The Killers

The Killers were incredibly hot for a few years in the mid-2000s and while Hot Fuss is clearly their most essential album, their follow-up record, Sam’s Town, really resonated with me. When You Were Young is one of the best songs ever, and the rest of the record is fantastic as well, and not quite what we’ve seen from The Killers before or after.



How Fox News shifted from conservative media to a propaganda arm of the Trump administration.

My overview of Focus in iOS 15, which is my favorite new feature.

The Corridor Crew tried to recreate the Star Wars trench run in one day.

And finally, speed running always fascinates me, and I’m glad Summoning Salt exists to take me through the history of this world.