We're Back! (Birch Bark #84)

Hello! Sorry I’ve been gone for a while 😬 We’re back to it this week with some fun links and videos! If you’re curious about the hiatus, I wrote about it here.

Cheers, and happy Friday!

The Links


I really like F.D Signifier’s channel, and this video about Hamilton will probably be of interest to many folks. I love Hamilton, he loves Hamilton, and this not a “review” scoring the play on a 5 star scale, it’s a critical look at the play and I think it’s well worth your time.

It surely sounds strange to younger people today, but in the early 2000’s we (Americans) legitimately started calling french fries, “freedom fries” and poured French wine down the drain because the French didn’t support our wars in the Middle East. Skim through this one and just get the hits.

And finally, this was an interesting peek behind the curtain of how Stanley Kubrick prepared for and shot his films.